The SNF- Sámi Women’s Forum project “Let’s learn to live without alcohol” 2009-2012, finished January 2013

Recommend to be supported at the Indigenous  People’s Confernce Alta 2013.

Suggestions for further work in 12 points for an effort at the Kola Peninsula, agreed upon at the conference 1-2. December 2012 (see below).

Conclusion of the total project, with participants from Norway, Sweden, Russia and Finland:

1. Alcohol abuse leads to insecurity and strain affecting women and families, both physically and psychically, and work against this needs increased attention and great resources in the Sámi society.

2. Initiative and effort in documentation of and work against alcohol abuse must be made visible to show that alcohol abuse is recognized as a problem in the indigenous society, to make the public responsible and to get a positive response where information must be given in several languages.

3. Work against alcohol abuse includes many community sectors and the project has worked with questions of taboo and people who have fallen “outside” ordinary social life. Further work must have a programme of approach as a foundation for the cooperation of the voluntaries and organisations together with institutions and local/regional authorities in four countries.

4. There must be established sufficient economic scopes and a network for established enterprises and offers, such as the work of the organization SámiSOSTER in Finland, the work of SNF in the four countries, the established Sámi shelter for victims of sexual abuse, violence and incest in Karasjok, Norway – the only with capacity and knowledge in Sámi language and cultural; and the research initiated at the university in Umeå, Sweden.

5. Further projects by SNF must have a base in an established administration. Therefore means must be secured to establish a firm structure and an established budget means to secure a desirable and necessary continuity and push in a demanding project to avoid deviation in the project when illness and leave of absence.